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Global Initiative Of Asthma www.ginasthma.org provides lots of basic to sophisticated information about definition, epidemiology, aetiology, pathogenesis, investigations and treatment of Bronchial Asthma.


At our centre we do Holistic treatment of Asthma.


A delicate but comprehensive History taking from an Asthma patient forms first step in diagnosing and treating Asthma patient. A digital Chest X-ray and sometimes CT scan of the thorax helps to exclude other diseases. Gold standard for diagnosing Asthma is a Spirometry test... we do Spirometry also called Pulmonary Function Test using MIR Spirolab 3 turbine based PFT machine. Reversibility of obstruction in peak flows by Bronchodilators is diagnostic of Asthma. Treatment is according to the GINA guidelines. What's innovative and unique at our institute is Homeopathy counseling and add on therapy for Asthma patients.


A FENO test and Body Plethysmography for prognostication of Asthma patient will be added soon to our armory to diagnose and treat Asthma.


Acute emergencies in exacerbations of Bronchial Asthma are treated by us at Surabhi Hospital. Nebulizers and Non Invasive Ventilators for respiratory support forms crux of ICU treatment for Asthmatic emergencies. Asthma Exacerbations are known to be FATAL.



Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.


www.goldcopd.org is official website for details of COPD diagnosis and treatment guidelines.


Smoking related and Non Smoking related.


15 pack years of smoking makes a person prone to COPD.


Non smokers COPD include Pollution, Occupational Lungs diseases like Coal workers Pneumoconiosis, Chullah smoke and Domestic Fuel fumes exposure leading to COPD.


Clinical features of COPD include Chronic Bronchitis(Blue Bloater) or Emphysema(Pink Puffer).


Blue bloaters are predominantly obese, have cough expectoration and clinically have cyanosis and features of Type 2 respiratory failure.


Pink puffers are thin, have breathlessness and cough with episodes of Type 1 respiratory failure.


Diagnosis of COPD is by evaluating history clinical features CXR and HRCT Thorax. PFT is gold standard for diagnosis. ABG, FENO and DLCO studies helps in prognostication.


Treatment of COPD is long term with bronchodilators, smoking cessation, pulmonary rehabilitation and respiratory vaccination.


Long term oxygen therapy, Lung volume reduction surgery, Pulmonary hypertension treatment, nutritional care all form part of COPD treatment.


Homeopathy and Yoga helps too.


Sleep Disordered Breathing Disorders

Diagnosing and treating Sleep Disorders is a big challenge to doctors today.


Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Central Sleep Apnoea, Periodic Limb Movement Syndrome, etc form part of Sleep disordered breathing disorders. Extensive research has shown that SDB cause a myriad of diseases affecting the Cardiovascular system like Hypertension, Ischemic Heart Disease and Dysrythmias. Neurological problems like Stroke, Parkinsonism, Seizures all may occur due to SDB. SDB is responsible for endocrine problems like Diabetes, Thyroid problems, Sexual insufficiency.Clinical features of SDB include day time somnolence, tiredness, loss of libido, frequent urination during sleep, actual loss of drive in work and observed apnoea spells in sleep by partner or spouse.


Investigations to prove SDB include Polysomnography(PSG).


PSG is a test in which a SDB patient undergoes tests when he or she is sleeping. SDB patients Sleep Pattern using EEG tracing, snoring and apnoea episodes recording using pressure change and thermal change, electromyography tracing of muscles to detect awakenings, SPO2, ETCO2 and ECG tracings are all collected using a dynamic machine called a PSG machine and studied.


Whole night PSG or Split night studies are done.


At Surabhi Hospital we use Alice 3 PDX Phillips Respironics Sleep Diagnostic system as shown below.


Surgical treatment for SDB is done by ENT surgeons.


Medical management of SDB includes use of Continues Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)machines.





Age old disease still a health hazard in India.


TB is caused by Mycobacterium species.


Mycobateria may invade and become native to any part of the Human body. Pulmonary or Lung TB is the commonest.


Tuberculosis is fully treatable if diagnosed early and treated rationally.


TB infection leads to slowly progressing disease. Patients with TB have low grade fever, anorexia, weight loss, night sweats, evening rise fever and cough expectoration blood in sputum.


Diagnosis is by doing X-rays, Mantoux test, ESR and Sputum examination for TB organisms, PCR for confirmation and culture test.


Treatment of TB is by 4 to 5 medicines(ATT drugs) used at a time and for atleast 6 months.


Government provides free therapy for all TB patients under RNTCP programme.


Lung Cancers

Lungs are affected by many diseases but the deadliest is cancer.


Long standing cough, progressive breathlessness, blood in sputum, weight loss all are complaints of Ca lung patients.


Smoking, Pneumoconiosis, Genetic predisposition, Radiation exposure leads to Lung Cancer.


Chest X-ray, CT scan of Chest, Bronchoscopy and Lung biopsy done to diagnose Lung Cancers.



Community acquired or Hospital acquired Pneumonias.



New Venture for Convenience of Patients

From 2nd February 2017 onwards Chirayu Clinic and Surabhi Hospital will be integrated and fully functional at 208, 2nd floor, Sai square, Mumbai Naka, Near Suyash hospital, Mahamarg Bus stop, Nashik. For more info call - PH- 0253-2970079 / MOB -7276012199 and 7276052845