Sleep Disordered Breathing Disorders

SLEEPING DISORDERS are getting common and increasing every day in India. Many times sleep disorders are not recognized by the people who suffer from them. Sleep disorders are increasingly becoming the most frequent reason for automobile accidents in India, and if left untreated, cause health related problems including heart attacks, Strokes and congestive heart failure and can contribute to the severity of other diseases.


People who suffer from Sleep disorders may have SYMPTOMS of:

  • Increased sleepiness during the day.
  • Restlessness while sleeping at night.
  • Difficulty in falling asleep at different times.
  • Reduction in concentration, memory and attention.
  • Increased periods of urination during the night.
  • Sleepiness while on the job.
  • Inability to complete needed tasks at home.
  • Feelings of no sleep when you rest for eight or more hours at a time.
  • Weight gain that continues to increase or is difficult to loose.
  • Loud snoring that disturbs others around you.
  • Difficulty staying awake while driving.


THE SLEEP DISORDERS LAB AT Surabhi Chest Hospital specializes in diagnosing and treating the disorders that affect your sleep and can help avoid the health issues that sleep deprivation can cause.


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