Tuberculosis is an age old disease which is still a health hazard in India.


TB is caused by Mycobacterium species.


Mycobacteria may invade and become native to any part of the Human body. Pulmonary or Lung TB is the commonest.


Tuberculosis is fully treatable if diagnosed early and treated rationally.


TB infection leads to slowly progressing disease. Patients with TB have low grade fever, anorexia, weight loss, night sweats, evening rise fever and cough expectoration blood in sputum.


Diagnosis is by doing X-rays, Mantoux test, ESR and Sputum examination for TB organisms, PCR for confirmation and culture test.


Treatment of TB is by 4 to 5 medicines(ATT drugs) used at a time and for atleast 6 months.


Government provides free therapy for all TB patients under RNTCP programme.


Multi Drug Resistant TB has become a scrouge in the society. It has become very common. It is very dangerous since its very difficult to treat. MDR TB is diagnosed by culture sensitivity of sample. MDR TB is treated with large number of antibiotics apart from regular ATT. Still MDR TB is treatable.



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